Famous last words…

It was a week of emotions for me and the family. I started with my first full week of staff back, and I was thrilled with how the training the team completed was taken…it was very cool. Then, I took Friday off to take my daughter to college.  I missed Convocation…I thought I would be […]

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Exciting Anxiety

So, as I woke up this morning, a wave of anxiety hit me.  Usually when this happens, I might as well call in sick because I will be useless. This time is was different…it felt good, exciting, and welcomed.  As I tried to figure out why this time it was different, I remember what is […]

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Family, Acceptance, and Grace

I have been struggling with what to blog about…mainly because the family was gone, and I have been on vacation and missed church. As I sat in church today…all the things that I wanted to reflect on came flooding up to the surface.  Jason talked about the cycle of grace (acceptance, sustenance, significance, and fruitfulness.  […]

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