Happiness and a Bit of Spice

So, once a year my district has an event to honor students with disabilities.  It started when we realized that we could do more to support field day with our kids.  It has been going on years before I got there, and I heard about it before I was lucky enough to be a department […]

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Underestimation is Dangerous

It is hard to believe that life lessons and reflective topics could occur on a Saturday at Y volleyball games…well they did, and it was exciting and fun. So, my daughter and I coach a 7-8 year old team.  They are very tiny, and they struggle with focus, and skills, and confidence.  We have been […]

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So, not a lot today. It’s Easter, and today’s really about He is risen…He is risen indeed. At service, I did pick up on something that I have heard for sometime…but just finally listened to. Guilt…and judgement. I learned that we are ‘awesome’ about judging others when they only show up on important days and […]

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What’s your agenda?

So, just when I thought I started to understand where this blog was going to take me…Estee does it again. At church, we talked about agendas…in the frame of Passover. Without getting to deep into my learning, what folks thought and planned for Jesus to do was their agenda and not his…the lesson and what […]

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Scarcity and Hidden Figures

Two fascinating things this week. First, I watched the first half of Hidden Figures and learned about scarcity at church. I am not gonna tie the 2 together, but I am gonna talk about both…I suck at transition, so please fasten your seatbelts. I’ll watch the other half of hidden figures this week, but as […]

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